About LESM


Licensing Executives Society Malaysia (LESM) is a local chapter of Licensing Executives Society International. It is a non-profit professional and educational society that promotes high standards and ethics among persons engaged in domestic and international licensing and other transfer of technology and intellectual property rights.

LESM also assists its members in improving their skills and techniques in licensing through self-education and exchange of information. LESM plays the role of keeping the public, business communities, governmental and international bodies informed about the latest and most accurate information pertaining to economic significance of technology licensing and intellectual property rights.

Members of LESM have the benefits of :

  • participating in the activities of market globalization, to be in a position to trade in technology and intellectual rights at an international level.
  • networking and establishing world-wide personal contacts with experts involved in the field of licensing and intellectual property from varied technical and legal fields and to learn from their practical and diverse experience.
  • creating a forum for members to update each other on the changing practices and legal requirements on licensing and intellectual property rights formulating future strategies for their respective corporations.
  • and influencing those involved in the formulation of laws and regulations, which affect the transfer and protection of technology and intellectual property relating to relevant industries, such as the information technology industry.
  • receiving an electronic update on intellectual property in Malaysia via email
  • receiving of the quarterly publication Les Nouvelles which contains a wealth of information, not only concerning licensing and intellectual property but also the activities of the Association.
  • receiving of the annual Membership Directory of LES International, which provides details of contacts in all countries in which LES is active.

LESM is also a member of the LES Asia-Pacific comprising of LES societies in the Asia-Pacific Region discussing issues of common interest and to promote the interest of the member societies. Learn more about LES Asia PacificĀ atĀ http://www.les-asiapacific.org/.